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As long as the music is loud enough we won’t hear the world falling apart
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If I met you in real life I'd want to kiss your pretty face and make you feel safe. I hope you're doing alright

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Thank you, it means a lot. 

If I met you irl

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Photo #1: Benjamin Jarvis by Alasdair McLellan
Photo #2: Painting by Matthew Cusick
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Salt Works, Bonaire
Photograph by William Goodwin
When evaporation pans at solar salt operations reach a certain level of salinity, halophilic archaebacteria, one of the oldest life-forms on Earth, proliferate, turning the brine pink. Here in these stark environs, pink, white, sky blue, and silence set the mood. Cargill Salt Works, south end of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.
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Stephanie Mill
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we used to talk and then we stopped and I don't want to bother you

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Why did we?

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